Training Hike at South Mountains State Park

I had a great training hike at South Mountains State Park on Saturday (3/31/2012). It was raining when I left Huntersville for the 90 minute drive to the park, but by the time I arrived the skies had cleared and the sun had warmed into the low 70’s.  I started off on the Chestnut Knob trail, which Janet, Kasay and I hiked last October. The first mile of that trail is almost vertical, and it took me a while to get my legs under me after the drive. I stopped briefly at the Chestnut Knob Overlook to take some pictures and record a video message for my supporters. Moving on, I connected to the CCC trail and followed that all the way to the Sawtooth Campsites. This is a primitive camping area in a large grassy field. Backtracking a bit, I connected to the Horse Ridge Trail and followed that for several miles, taking a short break at about the 6 mile mark. The Horse Ridge Trail connected with the Turkey Ridge Trail, which I followed all the way back to the equestrian parking lot, where I took another short break at the 10 mile mark. I then followed the main park road out past the welcome center and backtracked to the Jacobs Creek parking lot. Overall, I averaged about 20 minutes per mile over the 14.5 miles hiked.

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